Month: April 2018

Smart Text Messaging

Bank of America introduces ‘Erica’ to service its customers with ‘smart messaging’ using artificial intelligence, cognitive messaging, and predictive key words.

Somber Moments at Arlington National Cemetery

All gave some; Some gave all. Travis Wright Text or Call 281-217-2789

Vietnam Pilots Memorial

I was in DC this week to attend the memorial dedication to the pilots and crew members at Arlington National Cemetery. Travis Wright Text or Call 281-217-2789

NAR Logo’s

Travis Wright travis-wright 281-217-2789

New Logo for The National Association of Realtors

It’s the one on the right. What do you think of it? Travis Wright travis-wright 281-217-2789

The Real Estate Transaction Process

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Home Remodel Pain

Having your interior updated, painted, and remodeled will test your mettle. Let’s hope the end result is greater than the current pain.