Month: March 2019


Lot’s of data can be used with algorithms to match consumers to sellers of goods and services on platform marketplaces.

The Real Estate Transaction is Broken

This post speaks mostly to the so-called iBuyer companies, but what intrigues me more is the notion that these ‘platforms’ are actually creating ecosystems whereby services necessary to the transaction can be accessed on their platforms. Travis Wright travis-wright 281-217-2789

Platform Strategy for Business

Deep in The Heart of Texas

My business trip to New York City was very productive, illuminating, and…fun. I learned a lot about digital transformation for large corporations, and I got to see first-hand the lifestyle, hustle, and bustle of the city. Yet, I’m glad to be back in the… Continue Reading “Deep in The Heart of Texas”

Walking NYC

I enjoyed seeing a side of NYC I don’t normally see when attending industry conferences. I walked close to ten miles over three days and the Flatiron area was of special interest to me.

Platform Design Brief

This is my brief describing the platform opportunity for US residential real estate.

Platform Layers

The three basic building blocks for a marketplace platform.

Platform Real Estate

Platforms are more challenging the deeper you research and experiment. Here’s one example of what the layers of the platform stack might look like.