Month: June 2019

The Door Swings Both Ways

Herman Hermits: 1966 “Everyone’s life is bittersweet It’s a door that opens wide And no man can call himself complete Till he’s seen it from both sides This door swings both ways It’s marked ‘in’ and ‘out’ Some days you’ll want to cry And… Continue Reading “The Door Swings Both Ways”

Platform Marketplaces

Best quote yet to describe digital transformation, big data, the internet of things, and the ecosystem power of marketplace platforms. Travis Wright travis-wright 281-217-2789

Summer Vacation (for Houston)

It’s hot, sunny, and the summertime vacation (school is out) for my son Houston. Which means, of course, that I get to spend even more time with him during the day. Activities include swimming a few times per week; Tae Kwon Do classes three… Continue Reading “Summer Vacation (for Houston)”