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Summer Vacation (for Houston)

It’s hot, sunny, and the summertime vacation (school is out) for my son Houston. Which means, of course, that I get to spend even more time with him during the day. Activities include swimming a few times per week; Tae Kwon Do classes three…

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots

I’ll be attending the 36th Reunion of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association ( in Kansas City, MO this week. Over 1,000 Aviators who served during the Vietnam War will reflect, story tell, and drink many beverages as we celebrate our heritage and mourn the…

Memorial Day Weekend

Hanging with my son, Houston. Travis Wright Text or Call 281-217-2789

Have a Plan?

Travis Wright Text or Call 281-217-2789

U.S. Military Deaths

In honor of Memorial Day, witness how many have given the ultimate sacrifice for our Country. fs_americas_wars.pdf Travis Wright Text or Call 281-217-2789

In Honor of Memorial Day

Waste From Busted Transactions

The fun part of buying a home is searching for your dream home online. The fun part of selling is getting your list price in short order and then closing within 30 days. The nasty part of home buying and home selling is when…