Platform Design Brief

This is my brief describing the platform opportunity for US residential real estate.

Platform Layers

The three basic building blocks for a marketplace platform.

The foundation of a marketplace platform.

Platform Real Estate

Platforms are more challenging the deeper you research and experiment. Here’s one example of what the layers of the platform stack might look like.

Platform Real Estate

Total Addressable Market of $369 Billion

Residential real estate creates and transfers great value each year. Actors inside our industry fight for their fair share within their respective industry verticals.

So-called ‘disruptors’ see the bigger picture, and their strategies are about capturing value from each product / service vertical, not just one.

Platform Interactions

There are many interdependent interactions that must occur to enable real estate transactions. This visual depicts the key actors in the transaction.

Interdependent interactions in the real estate transaction process.

22 September, 2018 10:30