The Door Swings Both Ways

Herman Hermits: 1966
“Everyone’s life is bittersweet
It’s a door that opens wide
And no man can call himself complete
Till he’s seen it from both sides
This door swings both ways
It’s marked ‘in’ and ‘out’
Some days you’ll want to cry
And some days you will shout
This door swings both ways
It goes back and forth
In comes a southern breeze
Or a cold wind from the north
This door swings both ways
Lets in joy and pain
In comes the morning sun
And then the evening rain
This door swings both ways
Lets in dark and light
Every day you make the choice
To let in wrong or right
When shadows fall
You must prepare yourself for sunshine
For everything there is an end
And so my friend you must be brave
This door swings both ways
Which one will it be
Will we live in happiness or dwell in misery
This door swings both ways
Lets in earth and sky
Make the most of livin’ if you’re not prepared to die
Make the most of livin’ if you’re not prepared to die”

Travis Wright
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Platform Marketplaces

Best quote yet to describe digital transformation, big data, the internet of things, and the ecosystem power of marketplace platforms.

Travis Wright

Summer Vacation (for Houston)

It’s hot, sunny, and the summertime vacation (school is out) for my son Houston. Which means, of course, that I get to spend even more time with him during the day.

Activities include swimming a few times per week; Tae Kwon Do classes three times per week; drums and guitar lessons two times per week; and many days of bike riding and razor scootering.

We try to squeeze in some good books to practice his reading, and his Mom plays cards and puzzles with him. His Grandma from Phoenix already came out for a long visit which he enjoyed very much. This week, he is attending Bible Camp half-days, and will spend a week of full days at the T-Bar summer camp next month.

We have one real vacation trip planned for him at our favorite resort, the Hyatt Lost Pines in Bastrop County, just 19 miles east of Austin. We’ll be there the week of July 4th and plan on fishing, archery, swimming the Lazy River, horse riding, petting the Llamas, bike riding, camp fires with ‘smores, visiting the longhorn bull, and having a blast.

I hope you can take off some time from your busy work-life and immerse yourself in your family and have some real fun.

Texas Longhorn
Llama at Lost Pines

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots

I’ll be attending the 36th Reunion of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association ( in Kansas City, MO this week.

Over 1,000 Aviators who served during the Vietnam War will reflect, story tell, and drink many beverages as we celebrate our heritage and mourn the loss of our fellow Aviators who never returned home.

Memorial Day Weekend

Hanging with my son, Houston.

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Have a Plan?

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U.S. Military Deaths

In honor of Memorial Day, witness how many have given the ultimate sacrifice for our Country.
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